Arenamed Hair Transplant Review and Cost

Arenamed Hair Transplant Review and Cost

Arenamed Hair Transplant Cost

Arenamed hair transplant cost policy is determined based on the special package. The price does not change whether 1000 grafts or 5000 grafts are transplanted. Arenamed hair transplant cost is 1.400 € for all ınclusive package 5.000 grafts FUE.

Arenamed Hair Transplant Reviews

It seems that a lot of good hair transplant reviews have been written about Arenamed hair transplant. Since good reviews can be written for a fee, we will review some bad reviews when evaluating all reviews. Of course, it doesn’t mean every hair transplant clinic is doing these. but there is fact that the good reviews are confusing while making a decision, that is why we will be focusing on bad reviews.

Arenamed Hair Transplant Is it Worth It or Not?

Arenamed Hair Transplant Results All Before and After

About Arenamed

The Fors Clinic, opened by Arenamed, is 100% owned by our company. Dr. Meltem Kilic is the clinic director. She is a plastic surgeon with all her experience and competence meaning a sure support for our entire team.

Equipped with the highest standards of hygiene and modern micro devices in conjunction with experienced staff, we carry out your operation as precisely as possible. You can feel relaxed in a family atmosphere.

Our Istanbul based clinic has more than 15 years of experience with over 20 thousand treatments in the field of hair transplantation. We guarantee clean and excellent work, supporting in all matters and advice in your own language. Many prominent patients have undergone operation with us.

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