Elithair Hair Transplant Review and Cost

Elithair Hair Transplant Review and Cost

Elithair Hair Transplant Cost

Elithair hair transplant cost is determined based on hair density. Although the details are not clear, fewer grafts will cost 1.500 € and more grafts will cost 3.000 €. While it is not possible to give an exact figure, Elithair hair transplant cost depends on the number of grafts and hair transplant cost changes between 1.500 and 3.000 €.

Elithair Hair Transplant Reviews

It seems that a lot of good hair transplant reviews have been written about Elithair hair transplant review and cost. Since good reviews can be written for a fee, we will review some bad reviews when evaluating all reviews. Of course, it doesn’t mean every hair transplant clinic is doing these. Still, these good reviews are confusing, so we will be focusing on bad reviews.

Elithair Hair Transplant Is it Worth It or Not?

Elithair Hair Transplant Results All Before and After

About Elithair

Dr. Balwi is the hair transplant surgery specialist who has managed our baldness treatments for over a decade now. His experience in this field is widely recognized by his peers, due to his  being one of the first to introduce the FUE method. He now works exclusively with Elithairtransplant and thus caters to customers from all over Europe. Having himself suffered form alopecia, Dr. Balwi understands perfectly our patients needs and fulfills their expectations. All in all his goal is simple: to help as many people recover their hair and their happiness.

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