Hair Transplant for Women and Cost

Hair Transplant for Women and Cost

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplant for women is a surgical procedure that restores full hair. It is an effective solution for women who are suffering from baldness at the hairline. Nevertheless, female balding is as common in both sexes. Unlike men, women are equally susceptible to hair loss throughout the scalp.

A woman’s donor area must be healthy because it must have a high density of healthy hair so that transplantation can occur successfully. The donor area must be free of scarring and the donor area must be relatively not damaged. Most patients can return to work two to three days following the procedure.

Hair Transplant Cost for Women

Hair Transplant Cost for Women

While a hair transplant for women usually has a low morbidity rate, it is important to find a surgeon who has experience performing the procedure. Look for someone who specializes in hair transplants for women and whose experience is extensive. Always read reviews about the clinic and surgeon. If the experience is positive, a hair transplant can be an excellent choice. In addition to the patient’s satisfaction, the success rate of a hair transplant depends on the quality of the donor follicles and the number of grafts. The cost of a hair transplant for women will depend on the type and quantity of donor’s hair and the number of grafts. Unfortunately, most insurance carriers do not cover the cost of a cosmetic procedure, so the patient is responsible for paying the entire cost himself.

During the procedure, hair transplant is a surgical procedure for thinning or baldness. The procedure can take place in an office or a hotel room. The doctor will numb the recipient area and implant the transplanted follicles. The recovery time from a Hair Transplant will vary depending on the size of the donor follicles and the quality of the donor’s hair. Hair transplant cost changes depending on techniques in various clinics. That is why, before learning hair transplant cost, you should get your hair analysis form an expert.

Are The Reviews Important?

A fuss surgeon uses the fue technique to move the hair follicles on a patient’s head into the recipient area. A strip of skin is surgically removed from the back of the head. Once the surgeon closes the scalp, he will divide the skin into small grafts containing individual strands of hair. The number of grafts will depend on the type of hair loss, and the size of the area.

After the procedure, patients should expect tiny scabbing for a week or two. The incision is several inches long and stitches should be closing. Most hair transplant patients return to work within a few days. However, women who have had a hair transplant before, should be aware of the potential risks regarding a new procedure. Once the transplant is complete, the patient can go back to their normal activities.

If the hairline is uneven, the procedure may not work. A woman’s hairline is rounded, and her surgeon must take this into account when placing follicles. After the procedure, the hair must lie flat. During the surgery, operation is to take two sessions. The first session lasts about four hours, while the second takes up to eight hours.



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