Hair Transplant Growth Chart and Following Process

Hair Transplant Growth Chart and Following Process

Hair Transplant Growth Chart

There is a general hair transplant growth chart that you can use to determine your progress after having hair transplant surgery. The guide is designed to give you an idea of the time it takes to grow a full head of hair. All patients’ hair will grow differently, and you shouldn’t compare your progress with another patient. Your final destination should be your main concern when it comes to a hair transplant.

It is important to know your expectations for the procedure and follow the instructions. Taking care of your scalp is essential, as it helps the transplanted grafts grow. A patient should make sure they have plenty of time to heal after the procedure. The entire process can take up to six months, but most patients can expect a full set within about six to eighteen months.

After undergoing a hair transplant, your hair will grow slowly. The first few months, your hair will be thin and unnatural, but it will gradually grow back to a normal texture. Your hair transplant growth chart will help you predict the time it will take to fully grow. But, if you decide to wait for this long, you will not probably be disappointed! The hair transplant growth chart is an excellent way to keep track of the progress of your transplant.

What Should I Do After Hair Transplant?

What Should I Do After Hair Transplant?

After the procedure, you should take a few weeks off work and avoid power showers. Regrowth will be uneven for the first couple of weeks, but it will become more even as time goes by. If you had a crown transplant, the growth period will be longer. You should also plan to take two weeks off work, because the donor site will be healing and the hair growth cycle will return to normal. You should also expect some shedding of hair, which is normal.

In two weeks all scabs fall away and healing process’ first quarter is done. After 2 months, new hair starts to develop below skin’s surface. Then, between 3 and 4 months signs of new hair growth start to emerge. In six months, recipient area hairs start to look more even. End of a year, patients can start to groom their hair. Additionally, we have to say that individual timeframes may vary.

When Will New Hair Start to Pop Through the Scalp?

New hair will start to pop through the scalp during month three. By the fourth month, 30% of hair will have popped through the scalp. 40% will have penetrated the scalp by fifth month. 50% will have penetrated the scalp by sixth month while 70% will be present by the ninth month. This means that the transplanted hair will be fully grown, and the donor site will be completely healed. Once the transplanted hair reach the final growth stage, they will begin to grow back.

If you are considering undergoing a hair transplant, it is important to understand the process before you make a final decision. The growth of hair after transplantation is unpredictable and may not occur at the same time. The first few months will be the most challenging, but the results are well worth the wait. With continued care, your hair will grow back in full color and density.

This is why the doctor should carefully plan the procedure for your particular needs. You need to find a surgeon who specializes in hair transplant and has years of experience in the field. The surgeon will be able to guide you to the right procedure. In addition, a hair transplant may not be right for everyone. If your hair is bald, you should consider the risks and potential complications before you have the surgery.



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