Hermest Hair Transplant Review and Cost

Hermest Hair Transplant Review and Cost

Hermest Hair Transplant Cost

Hermest hair transplant cost is determined based on the method. The price does not change whether 1000 grafts or 6000 grafts are transplanted. Hermest hair transplant cost is 1300-1800 € for FUE and 1600-2500 € for DHI method.

Hermest Hair Transplant Reviews

It seems that a lot of good hair transplant reviews have been written about Hermest hair transplant. Since good reviews can be possible for a fee, we will review some bad reviews when evaluating all reviews. Of course, it doesn’t mean every hair transplant clinic doing these. But these good reviews may be confusing, so we will focus on bad reviews.

Hermest Hair Transplant Is it Worth It or Not?

Hermest Hair Transplant Results All Before and After

About Hermest

To achieve the most natural results, care should be taken with the maximum number of grafts to designate the hair, appropriate to patient-specific forehead line structure. In order to achieve this result, personalized hair transplantation design and planning is a crucial necessity. Among the methods, we choose the most suitable method for you when planning your hair transplantation.

Choosing from 10 types of methods and being an expert in them requires at least 10 years of experience. Each of our hair transplant specialists has at least 10 years of experience in their field and an international hair transplant specialist certificate.

In addition to FUE and DHI Hair Transplant methods, our clinic also serves patients with the latest cutting edge technology methods such as Unshaven Hair Transplantation and Long Hair Transplantation.

We have been successfully performing hundreds of operations using Long Hair Transplantation method, which is a method with many risks, much attention and endeavour demanding. All of these make the operation successful and  possible by only a handful of clinics in Turkey.

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