Sema Onkul hair transplant in Turkey

Sema Onkul hair transplant in Turkey


Sema Onkul Istanbul Review In Scope Of Service And Cost

With the advance of technology, there are many alternative remedies from a large proportion of healthcare professionals  in hair transplantation. Today, we will be talking about one of these hair transplant clinics, Sema Onkul Hair Transplant in Turkey. ( You can discover the scope of service and cost at the clinic.

No one can turn a blind eye to the fact that there is a growing number of demanding individuals opting to get hair transplant without any concern. The main goal is to have a betterment in physical appearance.

Many people are willing to discover alternative approaches of different brands. Therefore, they are making searches on the net. To make the right decision, everyone is boning up media files, websites on hair transplantation.

This kind of reasearch has led to a bitter rivalry between brands. Each brand wants to take a step further to stand out in the crowd. Effectiveness truely matters for each of these brands. As a result, treatments aim to fulfill the patients’ demands exclusively.

Through this rush in development, contemporary health has been able to get a prestigious form in Istanbul. Since the demand has grown this much, many hair transplant clinics have been established to meet patients’ expectations. Sema Onkul hair transplant clinic is one of them to provide qualified service with different methods in several categories in Istanbul.

What are the different methods in Sema Onkul hair transplant in Turkey? 

Sema Onkul hair transplant clinic helps patients who do not feel pleased with their amount of hair. In Sema Onkul hair transplant clinic, patients can have a choice among traditional and modern methods such as DHI, FUT, FUE. Considering that there are several categories in Sema Onkul hair transplant, it will be useful to break down these methods in details. Whichever technique is being performed, it is based on the demands of the patients and permanence in a natural way is to be aimed. Before making your decision, check out the information given below.

Which method would be a better choice?

There is a general fact that hair transplant is effective. Through a hair transplant operation, irregardless of the method you choose, you can have your self confidence back with a new appearance.

Prelusively, FUT and FUE are both eminent hair restoration techniques. They both have proven affects. However, the methods both result in some inevitable scarring but in DHI, a new method,  you will not have such a problem.

What does FUE method stand for?

FUE, standing for Follicular Unit Extraction, is the procedure in which individual hair follicies are extracted from the back of scalp so as to be inserted into the balding area. Scarring is not noticeable once the hair is regrown.

So if you are eager to use your hair short, FUE should be the way to go. Since it will stay looking more natural over time, elder patients, over 30, usually choose FUE method.

What does FUT method stand for?

FUT, standing for Follicular Unit Transplantation, is the procedure in which a strip hair is removed from the scalp so as to be inserted into the balding area.

It is popular among men suffering from a receding hairline, but it is suitable for women as well. Due to its form, scarring is more common. That is why, people who wish to use longer hair should choose this method.

What are the differences between FUE and FUT hair transplants?

Harvesting techniques form the main differences between these methods. FUT  leaves a linear scar due to its application whereas FUE removes individual hair follicies, making the scar less visible.

What does DHI stand for?

DHI, standing for Direct Hair Implantation, is the procedure in which hair follicies are able to be removed one by one with the first rate extractor before being inserted into the balding area. This modern logic makes DHI an advanced technique.

It is actually a modified version of FUE method. People with androgenic alopecia (*),can choose this technique.

*Androgenetic alopecia is a common way of hair loss with the receding hair line. It is getting a M shape.

What is the cost of these methods at the clinic?

Since there are several methods that need different equipment,  it is not possible to give a certain price.

Yet, it is always affordable when compared with the budget abroad. Depending on the amount of grafts, the price may differ.

In Sema Onkul hair transplant clinic, for DHI method, the price has a range between 3000€ –  5000€ , whereas for FUE method, the price is  between 1500€– 2500€. Lastly, for the FUT method, the price is between 1750€– 2750€.

Alternative categories in Sema Onkul hair transplant clinic

Sema Onkul hair transplant does not only perform hair transplantation.  There are also beard, moustache and eyebrow transplant as well. This makes it possible to beautify one’s appearance in several categories.

Exceptional approach in Sema Onkul hair transplant with a prime example

Sema Onkul gave consultation for a number of hair transplantation centers in Turkey. Following her training abroad. she has performed over 5000 surgeries since 1995.

Among her operations, she performed some exceptional studies in the field as well. To give a prime example, in 2010, she had an operation with a 14 year old male who lost his hair to scalp owing to radiotherapy. She chose his leg to get the transplanting follicular units. This was an exceptional approach.


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