Top 5 Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Top 5 Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Are You Aware of These 5 Side Effects of Hair Transplant?

People typically consider unusual shedding of hair as the most prominent sign of aging. And if the hair continues to fall for an extended period, it may result in bald spots and, in worse cases, permanent hair loss. This lack of hair can become an insecurity for most people. That is why, hair transplant is the best solution for hair problems. However, is there any side effects of hair transplant?  Are you aware of these 5 side effects of hair transplant? We’re going to explain that in this article.

To overcome problems such as bald spots, many people may look for solutions. One of the most common options in such scenarios is a hair transplant. But is a hair transplant procedure an all-in-one solution for you? What side effects can you face after getting this expensive procedure done? Let’s find out:

What is Hair Transplant Procedure

What is Hair Transplant Procedure?

To begin with, let’s start by discussing what a hair transplant actually is. When people complain about losing hair because of natural causes or some illness, medical practitioners usually recommend this method. Here, a surgeon removes healthy hair from some other body part. Then, hair transplant expertise harvest it to the bald spots.

5 Side Effects of Hair Transplant

5 Side Effects of Hair Transplant

This procedure is notorious for its long list of side effects. Here are some of the adverse effects of hair transplant:

  • Inflammation
  • Blood Loss
  • Shock Hair Loss
  • Hair Doesn’t Match
  • Failed Hair Transplant


When getting this procedure, something you should vary of is hair transplant infections. The skin of our scalp acts as a barrier and protects us from pathogens. However, when a surgeon makes an incision, the bacteria can get inside and cause the area to get red and inflamed. So, if you are to see any redness or swelling after a hair transplant procedure, consult your physician immediately.

Blood Loss

One of the resultant effects most patients see is bleeding. Since it is a surgical procedure, bleeding is always expected. It can last for one to fourteen days after the operation. This can be bothersome for the patient.

Shock Hair Loss

One side effect that a relatively large number of patients face after the surgery is shock loss. It happens after the hair transplant when hair from either donor or recipient site starts to fall off. It happens due to trauma caused by the surgery. However, this hair loss will be temporary. The hair will grow back. Yet, it can take up to 6 months.

Hair Doesn’t Match

An obvious sign that one has got a transplant done is that the hair doesn’t match. The whole scalp can have thick and straight hair, and the transplant site can have thin and curly hair. And it will look unnatural. If the hair turns out to be unusually curly, it increases getting ingrown hair. It can prove to be quite irksome.

Failed Hair Transplant

When people undergo this costly surgery, their worst fear is that the transplant may fail. It can happen when a non-experienced person performs this procedure. Or when you do not follow post-operative instructions. To correct the failure, you may have to go under the knife again.

A hair transplant may help you overcome your insecurity. But before you spend thousands of dollars, you must assess all the risks and side effects associated with it. Then, you will not be regretful.



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