Don’t Go Longevita

Don’t Go Longevita

don’t go to longevita, i came there to have a procedure back in 2019 i wired them money for the procedure a few days before i flew to turkey and they knew i takes a few days for the money transfer to go through so the day of my procedure i was in the waiting room i was approached by one the workers her name was tubal and she accused me on not paying i even showed the wire transfer receipt but she didn’t accept it and said i couldn’t get the procedure done so i had to go out and find an atm and withdrawal the full amount after i had already transferred them the money.
very rude and disrespectful and very very unprofessional.
first of all my review is fair and second of all i wasn’t asking for a loan
i paid you assumed i didn’t pay when i did.
ps you guys also over harvested the donor area and didn’t plant the hairs properly but don’t worry i’m going to Asli Tarcan i heard their better maybe they can fix what you guys did.

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