Had Transplantation in This Clinic About 4 Months Ago

Had Transplantation in This Clinic About 4 Months Ago

Had transplantation in this clinic about 4 months ago. The service was fine. Unfortunately I got an average or below average result. I hope it may get better with time. My message to future patient is that, beware of the recent result of the clinic, they moved a bigger place, hire more nurses and significantly increased the patients per day that decrease the overall quality of the results. The clinic is at the expensive side in Turkey and nearly a fortune for a regular Turkish citizen but I see no difference from the regular clinics and even several bad results are encountered. The hair transplantation is an art and requires great care and patience, and not to be involved with high tech equipment or decorated patient rooms or food service. Their manual punch technique also requires more experienced technicians and a great risk at the hand of inexperienced ones.

The clinic also hires  social media advertisement teams active in local forums they also sponsoring several hair loss forums. To sum up you can get the better or same result by paying less. Do your research well.

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