Never Go This Place Ever

Never Go This Place Ever

Never go to this place ever. More reviews and videos will be coming there way.

It’s a shame I cannot rate this 0 stars. They will literally butcher you. The staff are not trained in this field at all it’s more like apprenticeships.

I went her in 2017 and after looking for a second hair transplant I am unable to because they overhavested my head and made a complete mess.

All they are bothered about is your money, they are literally running a production line of upto 20 people a day. Not to mention no one speaks English. I was having second thoughts after the blood was taking from a friend of mine it literally was spluttering all over the place. I felt threatened and said I don’t want it doing I wish I stuck to my guns. However they became very aggression with me a d demanded 600 gbp from me, as I didn’t want to lose this I had a hair transplant.

In the hospital there was nothing but some cheap tools and a chair to sit on. I was getting laughed at and sprayed in my face. They didn’t do the part that I said which was my crown.

Learn from me never to touch this place ever there are so many better places out there that ain’t con men.

If anyone wants pictures or to contact me with any questions please do not hesitate to.

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