Rob Holding In His Spectacular Journey Through Hair Transplant

Rob Holding In His Spectacular Journey Through Hair Transplant

Rob Holding – A True Hero For Whom Fans Hold In High Regard!

There are times that we all feel desperate. There seems to be no solution and it feels like the end of the world. Rob Holding was going through such a negative mood. He was truly frustrated because of his hair loss and this was affecting his career negatively. Robert Samuel Holding or as all fans know him – Rob Holding – were thinking the same thing together: Rob Holding was holding the rope at both hands! Being called him as “Baldinho” after going bald, Rob’s self confidence suffered from falling into contempt. Despite his young age, he could not stop his receding hair line.

There is an inevitable approach leading a dilemma regarding hair transplantation. Some feel that hair transplantation allocated for beauty should be primarily performed on new and alternative methods. And it is no longer a luxury. While others belive that the hair transplantation is still sumptuous. It is not easy to think of a transplant if you are a well known person. It may lead to unacceptability and disapprobation through fans.

That’s why, before making a decision on having a hair transplantation, there are some points to be called in question. One would like to know the possible punctiliousness related to the achievement of the hair transplant and duration of healing. Recent technology provides the ultimate requirement in building these points. So, there was just one thing left – Rob Holding had to think about each possibility that could go wrong. He was obviously dolesome. But then, he thought that he could go to distance if he gave a chance to the hair transplant. Most probably, he was considering the same thing in the song “I can go to distance”.

“… I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way if I can be strong
I know every mile would be worth my while
When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong”

Who Is Rob Holding? 

Born on 20 September 1995, Robert Samuel Holding is an English professional footballer playing as a centre-back for Premier League club Arsenal. He was in the team that could win the Toulon Tournament in 2016. When he came to the point where he signed for Arsenal for a fee of around £2 million, he said “It’s something you dream of as a kid – I can’t wait to get started.”  He has many fans all over the world. He has been praised and respected for being so humble and frank.

How Did Rob Holding Start Losing His Hair?  

Since Rob Holding is a prominent football player, he has always been in the limelight. There have been many pictures taken of him. The hair loss was unfortunately significant in those photos. Despite being good looking, he started to have a widow’s peak. The pattern of baldness was unbelievable but it was true. Rob Holding was suffering from androgenetic alopecia, he seemed to be at Norwood Stage 2A at the age of 24. This was the type in which one does not lose hair in the crown area yet receding occurs enveloping the crown area. Things got worse and his hairline changed drastically. Thus, he started to experience hair loss at a significant level leading to Norwood 4A while having a “M” shape on his head. He knew that he had to undergo a hair transplant.

When Did Rob Holding Have Hair Transplant? 

In 2021, he was getting around with a shaved head during pre season. Everyone started talking about the possibility of a hair transplant he was likely to have. Through the speculations, his hairline began to get changed. There were still no clues or photos that could confirm a hair transplant. No fresh grefts were able to be seen. By the end of the year 2021, he had been able to enjoy a grown hair that looked quite a lot like prince charming. This meant one conclusion. He had an operation at the age of 25 and he started to welcome the positive results. Owing to the fact that the pattern of androgenetic alopecia is high likely to have already “set in” around 25, this is the recommended age for hair transplants. His impressive appearance revealed the secret. Everybody figured out that he had gone through a hair transplant operation.

How Many Hair Grafts Did Rob Holding Require? 

If one may have the opportunity to have a look at the photos of Rob Holding, it can be easily said that he was losing his hair in zone 1-3. For this information, Rob Holding had a hair transplant with 2500 grafts. He had a FUE operation, his photos of his shaved hair also proves this period as well.

How Much Did  His FUE Operation Cost?

There is no clear statement about the cost of his hair transplant method. However, he confirmed by himself that he had an operation in a private clinic in London. When you check about pricing of FUE method at that clinic, there is a range of price between 3500£ and 7000£.

What Is The True Story Behind 30000£ Operation?

As the physical appearance goes somewhere with a triumph, people cannot turn a blind eye to the success of the hair transplant that Rob Holding had. Since he is a young yet an adagial football player, rumors have begun to take place about the cost of the operation. After he reveals that he had a FUE operation in a clinic in London, it was said that he spent 30000£ like Wayne Rooney for the operation. Was this true?

Here is the answer of Dr Luciano Sciacca who performed the operation: ”I am very happy for Rob [Holding] and all the credit must go to him for his hard work. Our mission here is to help our patients to be the best version of themselves. If we have done that then we are very happy, we have done our job.” When the doctor was asked about the similarity with the reported £30,000 Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant cost, he sneered and  said “I think this is where a lot of misconceptions come from. Unfortunately, I feel Wayne may have been a victim of his public profile. I don’t see a reason why anyone would pay so much if the reports are true.” It could be understood that Rob Holding had an affordable price about this operation.

Why Has Rob Holding Confirmed His Hair transplant? 

Rob Holding was having nightmares for the reason that he was going bald in front of his fans. When he began becoming the hero with attractive hair leaving his dreary days while having an experience in hair loss in his mid 20s, he saw no harm in releasing this to the public hypocoristically.

After he could have his self confidence back, he shared a private story on his instagram account saying,” it’s worldsmentalhealthday, I struggled so much with my hair and self confidence, I have had so many messages about where I have had my procedure, at Wimpolclinic in London treated me so well and I am so happy with the results. I’ve had so many messages of other people affected by simpler mental health issue and self confidence issues, I couldn’t recommend this place enough! Let’s all be better!”.

This was a revolution in the world of celebrity. Most of the celebrities never confessed about their cosmetic surgeries. Hair transplant was not hush hush anymore thanks to Rob’s candidness. So, unlike many celebrities, he was a true hero for his fans and his hair transplant was never really a mystery.

How Are The Final Results Of Rob Holding Hair Transplant?

On the web and social media Rob Holding’s hair transplant has become a success story and it has truely become a phenomenon. He once had the risk to lose his grafts since he was taking part in an active mood in football. Fortunately, Rob was able to pass that point with glory and he could reach the physical appearance he was dreaming about in his sorrowful days of hair loss.

How Did Soccer World React To Rob Holding?

The defender’s first goal in Premier League football after six seasons came after he had his hair transplant. On 1 May 2022, Rob Holding scored his first Premier League goal on his 81st appearance in the competition, via a Bukayo Saka corner-kick at the London Stadium. When Holding enjoyed his first goal in the 2-1 victory over London derby rivals West Ham, he could not escape the wrath of Aaron Ramsdale – his teammate from Arsenal. He made fun of the new hairline of Rob and said  ‘It only took six years and a new hairline’ – totally savaged – Rob Holding was still calm and smiled  while responding back ‘come on, mate’.

It is the funny side of his hair transplant’s success. Even his teammates were seen to become jealous of the immaculate result. Maybe, it was another type of praising Rob Holding about his great performance leading to win the match. Rob was mature enough to tolerate this teasing since he was able to gain his self confidence again with his “new hairline”.

How Did Fans React To Rob Holding?

Fans have tallyhoing about Rob’s new hairline. Many say that Rob Holding has become unrecognisably better when compared with his appearance in 2019-2020. There are hundreds of references, notes, jokes, tweets and posts about his radical change. One of the fans wrote on his Twitter “Holding’s scalp is the greatest comeback since Istanbul; a reference to Liverpool’s iconic Champions League final win against AC Milan in 2005.”

Another fan says “Rob Holding’s hair redemption story deserves its own Academy Award.” On instagram, each fan is farceur as well. A fan writes on his instagram post : ” A new youngster, as pointed out by a fan, who’d been doing the rounds of Arsenal training ground at Colney.” He shares a new pic of Rob Holding with his new hairline. One recent of the jokes from the fans is on Facebook, it says: “Why do I feel like I want to see him play more because he has a full set of hair now, am I bald-ist?”. It is apparent that all of Rob’s fans are pleased with his new hairline and they support him with joy.

Saying The Last Words,

It is undeniably hard for someone to go through the demoralising period when one needs to face the bitter truth about hair loss. However, it should be harder for someone who is at the peak at a young age with lots of attention being paid to him. Thanks to his hair transplant’s being the bright young thing, Rob Holding has become a new person with hope and he is in a respectful place supported by his fans in football.

Rob Holding

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 23: Rob Holding of Arsenal runs on during the Premier League 2 match between Arsenal and Everton at Emirates Stadium on August 23, 2019 in London, England.



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